Main Menu


Zuppa della Casa £5.90
Home made rustic Minestrone soup
and freshly baked bread

Melon E Parma Ham £6.50
Fresh melon, finely sliced Parma Ham drizzled with fine Port

Bianchetti Fritti £7.50
Breaded deep fried whitebait served with tartare sauce

Insalata Tricolore £7.50
Sliced tomato, mozzarella rounds and avocado drizzled with
home made basil dressing

Insalata Campagnola £7.90
Pan fried goat's cheese, fresh spinach, beetroot and 
balsamic vinegar dressing

Funghi Ripieni £7.90
Field mushrooms stuffed with goat's cheese, sun
blushed tomatoes, garlic and parsley


Bruschetta £7.90
Toasted bread with finely chopped tomatoes, red onion,
garlic and fresh mozzarella

Calamari Fritti £8.90
Floured baby squid, deep fried and served with la fresh lime Dill dip

Insalata di Gamberetti £8.90
Prawn Cocktail the traditional way served in a glass with
finely chopped leaves prawns and rose marie sauce

Asparagus in Parma Ham £8.90
Oven baked Asparagus wrapped in Parma Ham, served on a
bed of salad leaves served with parmesan shavings

Mozzarella Milanese £9.90
Mozzarella balls wrapped in smoked salmon, dipped in breadcrumbs,
fried and served with garnish and rose marie sauce

Antipasto Italiano £10.90
A selection of dry cured Italian Parma Ham,
Salami Milano and fresh baked bread

Gamberi all Aglio £10.90
Black Tiger prawns, pan fried in white wine, garlic and chilli sauce served with home made bread lightly brushed with garlic


Spaghetti alla Bolognese £10.50
Made with steak mince in the traditional Italian way

Lasagne al Forno £10.90
Made the traditional way with steak mince and layers of
fresh home made pasta

Mediterranean Risotto £10.90
Italian Arborio rice cooked with Asparagus, peppers, onions,
garlic white wine and home made tomato sauce

Spaghetti alla Carbonara £10.90
Made with bacon, egg yolks, cream and
white wine sauce

Spaghetti Arabiata £10.90
Spaghetti pasta cooked with chilli, garlic, onion, olives sun
dried tomatoes and a fresh basil sauce

Tortellini al Forno £11.90
Tortellini pasta cooked with onion, garlic, tomato sauce, home made meat balls sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven

Tortellini ai funghi £11.90
Tortellini pasta cooked with mushrooms, garlic, onion, fresh spinach mascarpone cheese and a hint of white wine


Tagliatelle Ai Porri £11.90
Fresh pasta cooked with chicken, mushrooms, leek, Dijon mustard, white wine and a hint of cream

Tagliatelle Al Salmone £12.90
Tagliatelle pasta cooked with onion, garlic, smoked salmon, shave courgette white wine and cream sauce


Tagliatelle Con Gamberetti £14.90
Fresh pasta with prawns, Tiger prawns, chilli, onion, garlic, tomato, basil and a hint of cream

Risotto ai frutti di Mare £15.90
Italian Arborio Rice cooked with Tiger prawns, baby squid, prawns, anchovies, mussels, garlic, white wine, basil and tomato sauce

Linguine al Cartoccio £15.90
Selection of fish and shellfish with garlic, tomato and basil sauce,
wrapped in foil and baked in the oven

Mixed leaf salad £3.50 · Mixed vegetables £3.50
Tomato and onion salad £3.50 · Fries £2.90


Margherita £9.90
Tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil

Hawiian £10.90
Tomato, mozzarella, ham and pineapple

Quatro Stagioni £11.90
Tomato, mozzarella, ham, pepperoni,
mushroom and spinach

Calzone (folded pizza) £11.90
Tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, spinach,
ricotta cheese and pesto

Pizza Picante £11.90
Tomato, mozzarella, peperoni, spicy sausage and fresh chilli

V&G’s Special £12.90
Tomato, mozzarella, minced prime steak, chicken, pepperoni and ham

Extra Toppings £1.50
Please tell a member of staff if you require extra toppings.
Also if you have a special preference you can design your own pizza dish.


Insalata di Pollo £13.90
Coss lettuce with grilled chicken breast, crunchy croutons, drizzled with Ceasar salad dressing and parmesan shavings

Insalata di Rustica £13.90
Smoked salmon, avocado, prawns, tomato
and mixed leaves served with rose marie sauce

Insalata di Chef £14.90
Pan fried fillet of Sea Bass, on a bed of mixed leaves, French green beans, new potatoes, capers and cherry tomatoes drizzled with Italian caramelized balsamic sauce


Pollo Alla Parmigiana £15.90
Escalope of chicken breast topped with parmesanne and mozzarella cheese, Italian mixed herbs and a hint of tomato sauce, served on a bed of Linguinni pasta

Pollo Agli Asparagi £15.90
A chicken breast parcel of asparagus wrapped in Parma ham, baked in the oven and floated on a creamy gorgonzola sauce

Pollo Ai Marsalla £15.90
Chicken breast butterfly and marinated in Italian herbs cooked with garlic, onion, mushroom and Marsala wine

Pollo Ai Gambereti £16.90
Pan fried chicken breast and king prawns with onions, garlic, chillies, white wine, a hint of cream and tomato and basil sauce

Vitello Primavera £18.90
Escalope of veal, pan fried, topped with mozzarella, mixed herbs
and parma ham with a white wine and cream sauce

Vitello ala Crema £18.90
Escalope of veal pan fried in a mushroom, brandy
and cream sauce

All a la carte dishes are served with seasonal vegetables or side salad or chips.


Tagliata di Manzo £18.90
Grilled sirloin steak sliced on a bed of rocket salad, parmesan shavings and drizzled with lemon and extra vigin olive oil

Bistecca Dolcelate £18.90
Grilled sirloin steak with mushroom, dolcelate cheese and white wine cream sauce

Bistecca Diana £18.90
Grilled sirloin steak with mushroom, Dijon mustard,
cream and white wine sauce

Filetto al Pepe £23.90
Grilled prime fillet steak with peppercorn, brandy and a hint of cream

Filetto Ai Porcini £23.90
Grilled prime fillet steak with porcini mushrooms, french mustard and a cream and white wine sauce

Filetto Rossini £23.90
Grilled prime fillet steak with pate, home made crispy
toast and a red wine sauce

All a la carte dishes are served with seasonal vegetables
or side salad or chips.


Sorbetto di Fruitti di Bosco £5.50
refreshingice sorbet with tangy fresh fruits of the forest

Sorbetto di Pera £5.50
delicious ice sorbet with chunks of succulent fruity pear

Profiteroles £5.50
topped with Baileys chocolate sauce

Lemon Cheese Cake £5.50
home made cheese cake served with ice cream in a
pool of limoncello liqueur

Amaretto Crème Brulle £5.50
homemade Crème Brulle

Tiramisu £5.90
home made the traditional way and laced with Ameretto liqueur

Affogato Disaronno £5.90
home made vanilla ice cream with 'Disattono' liqueur and freshly
ground hot Italian coffee

Ice Cream Dessert £6.90
selection of sumptuous home made ice creams; Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavour (Children's portions £3.90)

Cheese selection

Italian cheeses £9.00
selection of fine Italian cheeses with biscuits and grapes

Tea and Coffee menu header

Espresso £1.90

Double Espresso £2.50

Fresh ground Coffee £2.50

Cafe Latte   £2.90

Cappuccino £2.90

Hot Chocolate £2.90

Bailey's hot Chocolate £5.00

Liqueur Coffee £5.00
Calypso / Irish / Italian / French / Bailey’s / Dark Rum / Russian