Wine List

white wine

Anfora Bianco
175ml glass £5.20 / 250ml glass £6.20/ Bottle £16.90
Light and fruity, a very well balanced wine served all over the Chianti region as favourite ‘House Wine’

Soave Clasicco (DOC)
175ml glass £5.90 / 250ml glass £7.30/ Bottle £20.90
Dry yet mellow flavour, fresh and richly fruity with a long finish. Has floral notes of almonds and acacia blossoms

Pinot Grigio Friuli (DOC)
175ml glass £6.20 / 250ml glass £7.90/ Bottle £22.90
Straw yellow, DOC Pinot Grigio from Friuli. It is fragrant, with a lemonscented nose and a well delineated finish

Fiano Falanghina Apulo (IGT)
175ml glass £6.90 / 250ml glass £8.50/ Bottle £24.90
Deliciously intense with aromas of peach, grapefruit and lime skin. It is fresh with a fruity character

white wine

Vermentino Calasole (DOC) Bottle £26.90
Has an exceptional character made exclusively from Vermentino grape, vinifed in stainless steel. It is full flavoured and fresh with citrus hints and almond notes

Friulano Superiore (DOC) Bottle £28.90
A fine, bright and luminous straw yellow. Marked fresh fruit and nutty notes. Dry yet delicately fruity, with a clean and attractively long finish

Grillo Sicilia (DOC) Bottle £29.90
Clear and bright straw-yellow, with greenish highlight. Broad and fresh, notes of citrus, pineapple and a gentle mint hint. Rich and well-balanced, with sapid and minerals hint

Poggio alle Fate (IGT) Bottle £32.90
Bright straw yellow unoaked Chardonnay. The bouquet is intense with notes of elderflower, banana and golden apple. Dry and well balanced, it has a clean and long finish

Astraio Maremma (DOC) Bottle £36.90
Made 100% from Viognier grape of Northen Rhone Toscany. A full nose with hints of acacia, juniper flowers, lychee and white peach. It is full and rounded on the palate with attractive vein of acidity

Gavi di Gavi (DOCG) Bottle £39.90
Cortes straw yellow colour, fragrance of flowers and fruit, with a hint of peach, full and rich, soft and harmonious as a result of complete ripening of the grapes


Anfora Rosso - Bottle £16.90
175ml glass £5.20 / 250ml glass £6.20
Light and fruity, a very well balanced 'House Red'

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (DOC) - Bottle £20.90
175ml glass £5.90 / 250ml glass £7.30
Bright, lively ruby-red colour. Ample and remarkably complex, with vinous and characteristic tones

Merlot Friuli (DOC) - Bottle £22.90
175ml glass £6.20 / 250ml glass £7.90
Dry, full bodied, appealingly soft and rounded with a fine harmonious balance

Chianti (DOCG) - Bottle £24.90
175ml glass £6.90 / 250ml glass £8.50
Pleasant and intense with outstanding aromas of red flowers, berries and subtle notes of plum. The favour is full bodied with well integrated, fine textured and fruity on the finish

Le Focaie Sangiovese (DOC) - Bottle £26.90
A very fine Sangiovese. On the nose displays pleasant scents of violets, cherries and wild berries. The wine has a good structure with a soft and persistent finish

Refosco Superiore (DOC) - Bottle £27.90

100% Refosco aged for 6 months in Slavonian oak barrels. Wellbalanced and full bodied it has very good length on the palate. The bouquet is fresh with scents of wild berries, flowers and spices

Sasseo Primitivo Salento (IGT) - Bottle £29.90

100% Primitivo. Aged in French Oak for 12 months, further refined in bottle. Red ruby, notes of plums, wild berry jam and sweet spices. Warm on the palate with ripe red fruit hints

Nero d’Avola Sicilia (DOC) - Bottle £30.90

Rich aromatic perfumed nose of red berry fruit and spices. Fruit driven and complex, made 100% from Nero d’Avola grape

Ripasso Valpolicello Superiore (DOC) - Bottle £32.90

Ample and complex, with vinous tones. Scents of cherries with chocolate notes. Dry on the palate with fine and harmonious balance and sturdy body. Persistent, clean finish

Sassabruna Meremma (DOC) - Bottle £37.90

80% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot and 10% Syrah grapes. Deep ruby red colour and scents of red fruits and spices. It is full-bodied with refined tannins and long finish

Chianti Classico Riserva (DOCG) - Bottle £42.90

Made from the finest Sangiovese of the estate, it matures in the oak for 2 years. Its tannings give the wine its extradentary texture. This wine expresses perfectly the terroir of Chianti Classico. One can detect the high-altitude vineyards in its finesse, the heat of the earth in its depth and the nuances of woodlands in its extraordinarily persistent bouquet

Barolo (DOCG) - Bottle £49.90

A marvelous wine from an indigenous variety grown in the small area of Barolo. A deep garnet-red with orange reflection, its bouquet is characteristic, ethereal, intense and taste is dry, elegant austere and with soft tannings

Amarone della Valpolicello (DOCG) - Bottle £59.90

Blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Round, smoky and solid, this wine has ripe black cherry and plum flavours. It has big structure, and perfectly balanced tannins, alcohol and acidity

Deliella Sicilia (DOC) - Bottle £79.90

The name refers to the single vineyard where grapes are sources at the heart of the property. Made 100% from Nero d’Avola grapes. Ripe red fruit on the nose, with intense notes of spices. Round and juicy on the palate; elegant tannings and fresh acidity create a wonderful texture


Anfora Rosato Sanleo
Bottle  £16.90
175ml glass  £5.20 / 250ml glass  £6.20
Lovely light pink colour. Deep, fruity and persistent. It is fresh, clean and crisp wine with a touch of spice.

Pinot Frigio Blush (DOC) 
Bottle  £22.90
175ml glass  £6.20 / 250ml glass  £7.90
Bright, lively ruby-red colour. Ample and remarkably complex, with vinous and characteristic tones

Rosato Salento (IGT) 
Bottle  £26.90
Produced with Negroamaro grapes, this Rosato is delicately fruity, fragrant, full and intense with notes of red fruit. It has a good structure and persistent aftertaste

Sparkling wines

Prosecco Brut 
Bottle  £26.90
175ml glass  £7.30

Rosamaro Spumante Brut (Rose)
Bottle  £26.90
175ml glass  £7.30


Cordon Bleu Brut
Bottle  £49.00

de Venoge Rose Brut Reserve
Bottle  £75.00

Princes Cuvees Blanc de Noirs
Bottle  £120.00
It offers exuberant and big flavours of red berries and nutty buttery tones. Open and powerful, it delights with its vibrancy and refreshment

Peroni Nastro Azurro
Pint  £5.90 / Half Pint  £3.30

Birra Moreti
Bottle 330ml  £3.50

Tribute (cornish Pale Ale 4.3%)
Bottle 500ml  £5.70

Thatchers Cider
Bottle 500ml  £5.90

San Miguel (alcohol free Beer)
Bottle 330ml  £3.50

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
500ml bottle  £3.90

Acqua Panna Still Water
5000ml bottle  £3.90

Coke / Diet Coke 330ml bottle  £3.30

Appletiser 330ml bottle £3.50

J2O 330ml bottle £3.50
Orange & Passion Fruit /Apple & Mango

Cornish Orchards Lemonade 250ml bottle £3.70

Cornish Orchards Elderflower 250ml bottle £3.70

Pressed 100% Fruit Juice 200ml bottle £3.70
Apple / Orange / Pineapple