Teas, Coffee and Desserts

After Dinner Drinks

Espresso Martini £6.50


Vecchia Romagna £4.40

Courvoisier Cognac £4.20

Remy Martin VSOP   £4.50

Hine £8.50


Taylors £4.50

Dow’s Reserve £5.90

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Desserts Menu

Sorbetto di Fruitti di Bosco £5.50
refreshingice sorbet with tangy fresh fruits of the forest

Sorbetto di Pera £5.50
delicious ice sorbet with chunks of succulent fruity pear

Profiteroles £5.50
topped with Baileys chocolate sauce

Lemon Cheese Cake £5.50
home made cheese cake served with ice cream in a
pool of limoncello liqueur

Amaretto Crème Brulle £5.50
homemade Crème Brulle

Tiramisu £5.90
home made the traditional way and laced with Ameretto liqueur

Affogato Disaronno £5.90
home made vanilla ice cream with 'Disattono' liqueur and freshly
ground hot Italian coffee

Ice Cream Dessert £6.90
selection of sumptuous home made ice creams; Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavour (Children's portions £3.90)

Tea and Coffee menu header

Espresso £1.90

Double Espresso £2.50

Fresh ground Coffee £2.50

Cafe Latte   £2.90

Cappuccino £2.90

Hot Chocolate £2.90

Bailey's hot Chocolate £5.00

Liqueur Coffee £5.00
Calypso / Irish / Italian / French / Bailey’s / Dark Rum / Russian